Château d'Esclans S Clans Côtes de Provence Red wine 2016

Chateau d'Esclans S Clans red wine

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SClans Chateau d'Esclans red wine is a fine wine from the south of France.

  • Côtes de Provence Rouge - 2016
  • Clos Maïa
  • Grapes 65 % Syrah, 23 % Mourvèdre, 12 % Merlot
  • Domaine: Château d'Esclans
  • 14 °
  • Garde 10 ans
  • 75 cl
  • Epicé, Gourmand

The sommelier Info

Château d'Esclans red wine : The syrah dominates with spicy notes and the merlot makes it round and gives a very balanced wine.

This wine is served with

Sclans Château d'Esclans red wine must be placed in a carafe 1/2h and served at 17-18°c with red meat or with venison.


It is in 2006 that Sacha Lichine takes back the Chateau d Esclans. With 267 ha whose vineyard 44 ha of vines, he possesses numerous vines. Situated at the heart of the Var, between Saint Tropez and Cannes, the castle offers numerous quite renamed vintages today. It is, moreover, Esclans that produces the famous vintage Garrus, the most expensive rosé of the world. Whispering Angel is also one the most famous rosé wine in the world, along with Rock Angel. Less famous but nevertheless, it produces excellent red and white wines, such as "Cuvée Déesse" will be among the best wines of Provence.

The winemaker

Sacha Lichine bought Château d'Esclans vineyard in 2006. The Russian vitner chose to upset the world of wine by producing top range and expensive rosé wine.

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