Château Mirava Red wine 2013

Château Miraval  Red Wine

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Château Miraval is a red wine from Provence supple and robust !

  • Vin de France Rouge - 2013
  • Clos Maïa
  • Grapes 100% Syrah
  • Domaine: Château Miraval
  • 13 °
  • Garde 10 ans
  • 75 cl
  • Epicé, Corsé, Elégant

The sommelier Info

Miraval red has a subtle nose with grilled secondary notes and a mouth gives a complex made by spices and by red berries. Finale of this red Miraval calls a beautiful grilled meat.

To be of use to temperature of cellar, between 16 and 18 ° C.

This wine is served with

Red wine from Château Miraval must be opened half an hour before serving between 16 ans 18°c with venison or red meat.


Wine of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie results from the Château Miraval of Côtes de Provence and Coteaux Varois. The magnificent property is situated to Correns, first Organic village of France. The vineyard extends over 600 ha in organic farming with two naming AOC: Côtes de Provence and Coteaux Varois. Marc Perrin, of the big family of vinificateurs that is Perrin, has been taking care of the vineyard since 2011. The Château Miraval produces a rosé, two white and a red. Wines if visible in wines of the Valley of the Rhône and express the balance and the sharpness.
Château Miraval is a typical Provence castel which dates back to the XVIII° century, a 400-hectares-property with a pinewood and an olive grove ans also a 30-hectares-vineyard located in Correns in Var. The famous american actors couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got the place in 2008 and are now associated to the Perrin Family (winegrower renowned).

The winemaker

Brad Pitt and Angelina Joli bought Château Miraval in 2008 and produce Rosé wine, but also Red ans White wine. Since 2013, they have been associated to the renowned Perrin family, to benefit from the vinification competences of these experts !

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

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