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Domaine Gallety cuvée Gallety Côtes du Vivarais red wine 2019

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The cuvée Gallety red wine is a rather aromatic wine and has a nose focused on black fruits, especially blackberry. The palate is elegant, structured, lively and fruity. It is a generous and racy wine, still showing a nice drinkability. A wine that you will not be disappointed to taste.

The Syrah and Grenache blend that makes up the red Gallety brings it roundness and elegance, while the Syrah brings a spicy touch and the Grenache an enveloping texture. Elaborated from parcels of vines aged from 40 to 45 years, we detect a real elegance in this wine. An aging in oak barrels of 14 to 15 months was also carried out on this cuvée.

This wine is served with

Gallety red wine is to be served with a beef rib, a deer back or a pheasant in the forest. Serve at 16-17 °C after aeration for one hour.

The domain

Domaine Gallety has become a must of the young appellation Côtes du Vivarais. Located in Ardèche, Gallety is one of the popular properties in the Rhône Valley.

The Gallety wine estate was created in 1974 in the municipality of Saint-Montan, initially it was a property of 80 hectares of vines but not that, the garrigue, the forest and the fruit trees were also an integral part of the estate. In 1999, the Gallety area was declared part of the Côtes du Vivarais appellation, which encouraged Alain Gallety and his son David-Alexandre to continue their winemaking adventure. A modern winery is then built on the heights of the estate to produce high quality Gallety wine.

Proud of its clay-limestone soil, Alain Gallety decided to base his philosophy on organic farming and to carefully select the grape varieties used in the blends of his cuvées. This allows him to create unique products that reflect this great terroir. Syrah and Grenache Blanc as well as Marsanne and Roussanne became the spearheads of Gallety wines. The 15 hectares of the estate are closely followed by the Gallety family, from manual harvesting to vinification and bottling.

Domaine Gallety offers several cuvées, in order to adapt to every moment of consumption. The Cuvée Haute Vigne is made from young vines of Grenache and Syrah for an instant pleasure, to enjoy in its youth. The Gallety cuvée in red and white is expressive, of a beautiful drinkability and beautiful length. It enjoys a breeding in oak barrels for the reds, in vat for whites. Finally, from old vines, the parcellar cuvées La Syrare and La Ligure are part of the elite of the Rhône Valley. Low yields and longer farms offer a very nice complexity and finesse.

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