Les Terrasses d'Eole : Aguieloun - White wine 2016

Les Terrasses d'Eole : Aguieloun - White wine 2013
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Vineyard : Les Terrasses d'Eole

Appellation : Ventoux

White wine - AOC - Cépages : Ugni blanc, Clairette

  • Ventoux Blanc - AOC - 2016
  • Champagne Charpentier
  • Domaine: Les Terrasses d'Eole
  • 12 °
  • Garde 2 ans
  • 75 cl

The sommelier Info

The Aguieloun cuvee, of the Domaine des Terrasses d'Eole White wine 2015 is a fresh and mettlesome French Rhone Valley wine. Its floral and arial nose is opened on white fruits. Vivid, fluid and flattering wine. Lavender finish for the freshness of the wind which refers to this wine. A slight shiver from Ventoux.

This wine is served with

This White wine Aguieloun of LesTerrasses d'Eole is served fresh and suits perfectly with seafood, grilled fishes or spicy fishes sauce.


The Domain The Terrasses of Eole was born in the course of the generations thanks to two families: the Meysen family and the Saurel family. The vineyard is situated on the municipality of Mazan whose most of the vines are on the Hillsides of the hill "Le Limon", paying the South of the Mount Ventoux. The Terrasses of Eole possess a big diversity of soils what allows to adapt the choice of the various vines according to the type of ground. The vintages of the Domain The Terrasses of Eole are numerous, in red as in whites, such as Mountagniero or Aguieloun.

Les Terrasses d'Eole

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