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Rum Contrebande - Old Rum Guadeloupe French Caribbean

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The old rum Contrebande is produced, aged and bottled in Guadeloupe. It owes its name to the road once used by smugglers, located close to its traffic jam. Today called «The Trail of Smugglers», this path crosses the mountainous massif of Basse Terre from West  to East. It used to be used to transport prohibited goods.
Rum Contrebande is of a great aromatic richness. All the art of the independent bottler is expressed here in the selection of the best casks then by the implementation of a unique process called «rassissement» (rest time), allowing rum to increase from 60° to 42° by adding water in successive steps and creating a perfectly homogeneous product.

Produced by the fermentation and distillation of sugar cane juice (vesou), it is stored for more than three years in 250-litre oak barrels containing bourbon. It is then refined and bottled at Pointe-Noire. Taste: rich and smooth – vanilla, nutmeg, cloves