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Castellu di Baricci

Domaine Castellu di Baricci takes its name from a medieval castle overlooking the Ortolo Valley. This superb property is located in the municipality of Sartene, between Ajaccio and Bonifacio. Castellu di Baricci gained its reputation in the 2000s thanks to its production which became very qualitative.


Since the 19th century, Castellu di Baricci has been cultivated by the Quilichini family, winemakers from generation to generation since 1803. From the 2000s a new breath was given to Castellu di Baricci to produce quality AOC wines and oils. Elisabeth Quilichini has been managing this 150 ha farm since 2010, so the Domaine Castellu di Baricci has been awarded the Ecocert label after a conversion to organic farming.


The main motivations of Domaine Castellu di Baricci are to meet high requirements in terms of quality, local footprint and respect for the environment during works in Castellu vineyards, mostly carried out manually. The principles of biodynamics are used as plant decoctions to fortify vine plots where native and southern grape varieties grow. Castellu di Baricci also benefits from a microclimate and an exhibition making the vine growing ideal.


The wines of Castellu di Baricci are produced in the three colours in the appellation Corse Sartene. The rosé wines are usually expressive, complex and fleshy with a ageing on lees that brings a nice length and matter to the mouth. The white wines Castellu di Baricci, elaborated with Vermentino, are lively and have floral aromas as well as a characteristic bitterness of this grape variety on the finish. Finally, the Domaine Castellu di Baricci red are juicy with silky tannins, a good balance between freshness and power.


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  • Castellu di Baricci Corse Sartène white wine 2019

    The cuvée Castellu di Baricci White comes from 3 different Vermentino plots, one in the North, the second in well-exposed hillsides and the last on a plateau swept by the maritime embruns. This makes it possible to regain a true identity and a beautiful balance in this Sartene white wine!

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    27,90 €
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    29,45 €
  • Castellu di Baricci Corse Sartène red wine 2019

    Domaine Castellu di Baricci Red wine is an elegant and well balanced wine thanks to the influences of the Cagna mountain located near the property. Its important thermal amplitudes give freshness to this Corsican Sartene wine.

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    28,90 €
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    30,50 €
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items