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Château de Bellet


The property of the Château de Bellet is located at altitude on the hills of Nice, facing the Valley of Var and the foothills of the Alps. A must-have reference for Bellet wine for decades!


Chateau de Bellet was created in the 18th century by the Barons de Bellet, who began planting vines on a unique soil of its kind: the pudingue. It is a mixture of sand, pebbles and clay, which, combined with the exhibition favourable to viticulture, brings freshness and elegance to Bellet’s wine. It was in 1941 that the appellation Bellet was born, it was the consecration for the wines of the Château de Bellet that were served at the Summits of Versailles and then Nice in the 80s and 2000s. Later, the estate and its iconic Chapelle were sold and many works were carried out until 2015 to build a semi-buryed winery necessary for the ageing of Bellet’s great wines.


Château de Bellet covers 13 hectares cultivated in organic farming since 2013. The philosophy of the Barons de Bellet is as follows: “At Chateau de Bellet, we consider that the process of vinification, through the transformation of grapes into wine, must sublimate the raw material.” Indeed, the Barons de Bellet are among the few families to have replanted forgotten grape varieties typical of their terroir such as Vermentino, also called Rolle in Provence for white wines, as well as Braquet and Folle Noire intended to produce the wine of Bellet red and rosé.


There are 3 ranges of wines at Chateau de Bellet, first of all the Château de Bellet range in the three colors for wines of pleasure, authentic and to share with ease. The following two ranges are a tribute to the Family Chapel, built in 1873 and located on the highest plots of the property, as well as Agnès Roissard de Bellet. The range La Chapelle in the three colors also, these are Bellet wines more oriented towards a local spirit and in the search for a particular typicity highlighting the appellation Bellet. Finally, the Agnès range offers exceptional red and white wines.


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  • Château de Bellet rosé 2021

    Château de Bellet offers us an intense rosé with delicious aromas of red fruits and violet, which make us want to continue the tasting! The garrigue notes then arrive and guide us directly to Provence. The attack is silky and supple, cherry and apricots feel well. A beautiful finish completes the whole with delicate bitters.

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    19,80 €
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    20,90 €
  • Château de Bellet white wine 2020

    Chateau de Bellet white wine is a fragrant and floral Bellet wine, jasmine and acacia are present in the nose without being disgusting. Briochy, quince and pear notes appear after aeration to complete the aromatic weft of this cuvée. The attack is frank and the mouth is well balanced. There are nice bitters as well as a nice tension and persistence on the...

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    22,50 €
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    23,75 €
  • Château de Bellet red wine 2019

    Chateau de Bellet red expresses itself with great elegance on notes of ripe red fruits, particularly sour cherries. It also has floral notes that are discovered after aeration. Cranberry and Garrigue are also part of its aromatic bouquet on the palate, with a beautiful freshness and structure. A great success!

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    27,00 €
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    28,50 €
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items