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Château des Annibals

Chateau des Annibals was created in 1772. This Domaine is located in the heart of green Provence. Its 30 hectare vineyard extends west of Brignoles. Directed since 2001 by Nathalie Coquelle, she made Annibals a little gem. Chateau des Annibals takes its name from the legend of Hannibal in reference to the strong and courageous winemakers, who cultivated these lands for generations. According to legend, the Carthaginian conqueror would have passed on the Annibals' lands, with his elephants, along the Via Aurelia on the way to try to conquer Rome. The clay-limestone soil of the Domaine des Annibals as well as its exceptional sunshine on the hillsides facing the Loube massif, allow the vineyard to flourish fully.
The Domaine is renowned for its Annibals vintages in IGP VAR. First of all, Suivez-moi jeune homme rosé is a fruity Provence rosé with a nice roundness. La Jouvencelle Blanc, whose name is a nod to youth, is an elegant wine and shows a beautiful freshness. Finally, the vintage of Annibals Fesse Mathieux is fruity and greedy in the mouth. Its name, synonymous with the word Avar, was chosen because this Red comes from vines of Syrah avares grapes.
The small plots of the Domaine des Annibals are grown in organic farming with Ecocert certification since 2001. As such, no chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides are used at Domaine Annibals.


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