Château l'Évêché

In the Middle Ages, the Seigneury of Lescours, which possessed the surrounding vineyards , reconstructed its Castle and its private Chapel, here, at the edge of the Dordogne, on this croup overhanging the former port of Saint-Emilion and saint Sulpice de Faleyrens's village. Today, at the place called " La Chapelle Lescours ",  Jean Sébastien Capdevielle and Anthony Ginter pay tribute to this very old cultural heritage by cultivating that 4.2 hectare plot of land made up of old vines of Merlot and  Cabernet located in the heart of Saint Emillion.
The domain produces two Grand Crus Vintage wines : L'Evéché and La Chapelle Lescours.
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Chateau L'Eveche Origami Bordeaux Red wine

Château L'Évêché Origami Bordeaux Red wine 2016

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15,50 €
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15,90 €
Chateau L'Eveche Saint Emilion Grand Cru bordeaux

Château L'Évêché Saint Emilion Grand Cru Red wine 2015

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44,00 €
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45,50 €