Chateau La Maroutine

Vineyard DARRIET is in the hands of the same family since 8 generations. Our forefathers worked and shaped this ground for which we are responsible today. It is this common love around this ground which unites the generations to make wines which look like us, which make our pride, and by the same, your happiness.

Jean-Christophe DARRIET is going to come back on the property from a robust course in the mechanical engineering industry and to the ENITA. During 10 years of common work, the transmission of the know-how will bear fruit because will be crowned better wine grower of Loupiac in 2009! Sandrine Darriet-Froléon, her sister, in charge of the promotion and of the marketing of wines, is going to direct the property to the International in particular Japan. The property is going to get bigger and to pursue its excellent approach supported by Philippe Darriet, their brother and Professor to the Institute of the Vineyard and some Wine. Today, Vineyard DARRIET groups 62 hectares of vineyards within their 6 Castles doors of which they open you for a visit passionate about their values.

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