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Domaine Bodin

Between the Creeks of Cassis and Cap Naîo, the Bodin vineyard is part of those symbolic Vinyards which make the prestige of the Appellation Cassis. Self-taught Emile Bodin begins the renovation of a vineyard destroyed by the philioxeria from the age 18 in 1899, In this soil which produced then some muscatel wine, he will be one of first to use Texan rootstocks and to produce dry wines drawing all the mineral expression of the argilo-calcareous soil from Cassis.
He was the first wine grower in Provence to put his wine into bottles, and will participate in the obtaining of the Appellation Cassis in 1936, one of first in France. Friend of the Poet Frédéric Mistral, who wrote about his wine : "the bee has no softer honey, it shines as a crystal clear diamond, smells the rosemary, the heather and myrtle, which cover our hills and dance in the glass." Today Nicolas Bontoux, great grandson  add a touch of modernity to this beautiful family portrait.


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