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Domaine Fiumicicoli

Domaine Fiumicicoli is located in the south-west of Corsica, between Ajaccio and Bonifacio in Corsica Sartene. The 73 hectares of the Fiumicicoli property allow the cultivation of native grape varieties, which have made the reputation of this great Corsican wine estate.


Domaine Fiumicicoli was created in 1964, the old buildings were renovated by the Andreani family in the 1960s. The replanting of about ten hectares of vines was also carried out at that time. A few years later, father and son began to jointly run the Fiumicicoli wine estate, which was awarded several times. Its name “Fiumicicoli” means “small river” and comes from the river that irrigates and surrounds the wine estate.


From the beginnings with the vine of Fiumicicoli, Félix Andreani has positioned himself in favour of respect for the terroir and the plant. Artisanal methods remain, such as decaying or ploughing, while applying the main principles of organic viticulture. The granite plots of Domaine Fiumicicoli are planted in hills up to 250 m above sea level. Syrah but above all indigenous grape varieties such as Nielluccio, Vermentino and Sciaccarello took possession of this terroir to produce great Fiumicicoli rose, red and white wines.


Domaine Fiumicicoli offers two different ranges, both in appellation Corsica Sartene and in the three colors. The Domaine Fiumicicoli range and the Vassilia range offer us wines of high precision and whose quality is no longer to be proven. We find a great oenological know-how in the depth and intensity of Fiumicicoli red wines. More original this time, Fiumicicoli has vineyards of Muscateddu, a rarer grape in Corsica, allowing it to produce two exceptional Muscat cuvées.


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  • Domaine Fiumicicoli Red wine Corse Sartene 2020

    The red of Domaine Fiumicicoli in Sartene is a blend of Niellucciu, Sciaccarellu and some Syrah grown in a mountain climate and at the same time close to the sea since the Fiumiccicoli wine estate is located 15 km from the Corses coast. A wine with peppery and fruity accents, one feels especially the delicious ripe and blueberry!

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    17,95 €
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    18,95 €
  • Domaine Fiumicicoli white wine Corse Sartene 2021

    The white of Domaine Fiumicicoli in Sartene comes from the famous Vermentinu grape (Vermentino) always on these granite soils, poor and permeable in hillsides.  The thermal amplitudes between day and night are high and give a lot of freshness to the wine.

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    19,20 €
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    19,95 €
  • Domaine Fiumicicoli cuvée Vassilia Red wine Corse 2016

    Domaine Fiumicicoli Vassilia cuvée between Propriano and Sartène comes from a majority of Niellucciu 80 % and Syrah 20 %. The maceration of 28 days gives a maximum extraction. One year rearing in barrels after 9 months of vat softens this flagship cuvée in Fiumicicoli.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items