Domaine La Préceptorie

DomainE Préceptorie arose from the association of the former three co-workers of Maury and the young generation of the domain of Rectorie, to Banyuls, of which Joseph Parcé, arrived in 2007, which manages the domain today. The vineyard is situated in the northwest of the department of the Pyrénées-Orientales, on very qualitative sector of height of Fenouillèdes. This domain asserted itself little by little as a safe bet; wines won in regularity after a rather rich phase and are from now on praiseworthy: a first star rewards this year these efforts. Big seducer, dry Maury Coume Marie associates a soft freshness of fruit and one finale strong and spicy. Good and generous Maury garnet Aurélie, between walnut and curry, in the luxurious soft freshness.

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Domaine de la Préceptorie Maury Cuvée Aurélie

Domaine La Préceptorie Maury Sweet wine Red Wine 2017

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