It is above all a story of friendship that goes back more than twenty years ago. Food lovers at heart, they gathered themselves many times over a good meal, good bottles, picturing this adventure which would finally be born in 2013 under the name of INFINIVIN and then in 2015 INFINIVIN LA CAVE...

We arise from very different careers but we had for a long time the desire to make, to build and especially to share our passion.

This longtime Friendship of four very different personalities, but with a complementary know-how. Each of us makes his contribution to make of this "Cru" a good one!


Wine merchant and agent of wine growers since 1999, it is the keystone of the project. He taste, re- taste and taste again all the selection … Visit and revisits Domains (to the point that sometimes it is a little envied ...).

It is as its vine idol Mourvèdre: rough, but warm and matchless, he is powerful, ample (just a little ...), tannic and nevertheless of a big sharpness.

Ceaselessly on the lookout for new finds, he still reserves you beautiful surprises...


Hipster of the band with his beard, he structures and sometimes cuts during decision-making when the 3 others do not agree. Cabernet Frank but warm (it is the beard which makes that), always there if necessary! His sense of good taste also appears in our selection of Rums, Whiskeys, Cognac and Armagnac.


As Syrah, she is complex but structured. Only woman of the team, she knows how to impose her style with 3 boys (and not in a shy way!).

Feel reassured, his big heart will know how to take care of you during the choice of your wines.

Councillor, Manager, Accountant, just call her Madam President!


A little bit dreamy with an inquiring mind, But this globe-trotter optimist and visionary brings his freshness and his humor in this adventure.

Always serious when it is about a wine and food pairing. He will give you the advice that will make your meals real sharing moments with memorable discoveries...


Implanted in Provence, INFINVIN gives a good place to wines of the South of France (Provence, Languedoc, Rhône Valley).

But as we are not chauvinistic (and especially because we also adore the other regions), we propose you the best wines of the other regions, the authentic wines stemming from various soils that the French vineyard offers.

We place the human relations at the heart of our company to make sure that buying wine on the Internet is not impersonal anymore...

And as we are a young team (for the moment), you also can find us on the social networks or share our experiences via our blog.

Being a member of a new generation of dynamic entrepreneurs of our region in the field of the new technologies, we received the trophy "Var Up d'Or" in 2015 from Mr BIANCHI, Président's hands of the Chamber of commerce and industry of the Var department.

But our real reward comes from the growing amount of satisfied customers...

INFINIVIN, more than a merchant website it is a team of enthusiasts wine lover always listening to your desires!

In sum, you will have understood with INFINIVIN, you won't stop liking the wine!