Champagne is a sparkling wine produced exclusively in France, with a single vineyard located just a hundred kilometers east of Paris. Its 34,000-hectare production area has been tightly controlled since 1927, covering 319 communes known as crus.


The origins of Champagne go back to the time of the Gauls, when modern-day Champagne was already populated by the Rhèmes, who were great fans of this wine. It has been proven that there were already domesticated vines in the 1st century AD. Over the centuries, Champagne earned its letters of nobility: with the baptism of Clovis, it became "the wine of Kings", with the monk Dom Pérignon and Frère Oudart, the discovery of blending and pressing, and the advent of the cork stopper and the reinforced format of the champagne bottle we all know. By the 18th century, icons were appearing: Ruinart, Moët, Vander-Veken, Delamotte, Dubois, Veuve Clicquot, Heidsieck and many others! Subsequently, winemaking techniques were improved and even revolutionized, with certain discoveries naturally finding their place in the complex process of creating a great champagne. In 1898, the AVC (Association Viticole Champenoise) was created, followed by the Comité Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne in 1941 by larger winegrowers and champagne houses, to protect the Champagne heritage through the American rootstock. A number of important dates: 1936, the year the Champagne AOC was recognized; 2003: Champagne became the first wine-growing region to achieve a carbon footprint; 2015 when the Coteaux, Maisons et Caves de Champagne were listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site to protect, among other things, the superb chalk pits.

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