The village of Montlouis sur Loire is known for its present of vines since the 5th century, while the city itself was called Mons Laudium. The Loire allowed a significant commercial development and transport the wine as well as the specific soil of the region, the tuffeau. The Chenin is THE flagship grape variety of the appellation and Montlouis wine. It produces wines of all kinds, from effervescent to sweet wine, to dry and half-dry, but also to liquoreux during the great vintages.

Created in 1938, the Montlouis appellation has been producing well-known and highly appreciated wines for their freshness, rich aromatic palette with aromas of yellow and white fruits, white flowers and more complex notes of dried, balsamic and citrus fruits. There is also a true expression of the Montlouis terroir in its wines, with marked personality and minerality. Discover Jacky Blot’s wines, made at Domaine de la Taille aux Loups, one of the must-see wines of Montlouis sur Loire.

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