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It was in 2014 that the appellation Terrasses du Larzac became an AOC in its own right, this recent appellation is located in the North of the department of Hérault and in the north-east of Montpellier. As its name suggests, this vineyard of about 2000 hectares benefits from the climatic influence of the Larzac plateau since it is at its foot. Indeed, it brings a lot of freshness to these wines thanks to the large thermal ranges between night and day as well as maturation that takes place over the long term, smoothly.

Only red wines from a blend of 3 mandatory minimum grape varieties are produced among Syrah, Mourvèdre, Carignan, Cinsault and Grenache. The wines must be reared for a minimum of 12 months under wood or not. The strong personality of the wine Terrasses du Larzac comes first from its local footprint, the soils are diverse and varied from the argilo-calcary to rolled pebbles. You will find complex, intense and deep wines. A beautiful balance between power and elegance, thanks to this fabulous freshness and their spicy touch. The tannins skate and soften over the years, they are certainly watch wines that you can keep for about ten or fifteen years in the cellar.

Discover the most beautiful references of this beautiful appellation with the wines of Clos Maïa, as well as those of the Domaine de Montcalmès. A highlight deserved for these two producers who know how to pass on their passion and know-how in their cuvées.


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