Domaine Cauhapé Geyser Jurançon Dry White wine

Domaine Cauhapé Geyser Jurançon Dry White wine 2022

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A lot of freshness and fruit in this Geyser cuvée from Domaine Cauhapé, which stands out for its lack of sugar in the Jurançon appellation. Yellow-fleshed fruit expresses itself fully, with elegance. The palate is beautifully complex, with floral, pepper and aniseed notes brought out by this atypical blend. The attack is powerful, lingering through to a rich finish.

The sommelier info

Domaine Cauhapé Geyser is made from a blend of the South-West's flagship grape varieties (Petit and Gros Manseng), with the addition of small quantities of old varieties such as Camaralet, Courbu and Lauzet.

A selection of juices is used for this cuvée, followed by a short 5-month ageing period in stainless steel vats on total lees.

This wine is served with

Domaine Cauhapé Geyser is ideal as an aperitif or with shellfish, fish dishes enhanced with lemon juice, or shellfish sautéed with citrus fruit and goat’s cheese. Serve at 10-12°C.

Domaine Cauhapé Geyser Jurançon Dry White wine 2022 in details

75 cl
AOP Jurançon
Garde 2 ans
14,5 °
Gros Manseng 30%, Petit Manseng 30%, Camaralet 30%, Lauzet 5%, Courbu 5%
Fruits exotiques

The domain

Domaine Cauhapé is one of the leading names in the Jurançon appellation, an icon of the South-West region. Best known for its sweet wines, Cauhapé is also renowned for its dry wines.


Created by Henri Ramonteu in the 1980s in Monein, Domaine Cauhapé takes its name from "Caussapé", which means "foot warmer" in Béarnais. The first vines were planted in 1558, and since then, the expertise of this emblematic Jurançon vineyard has continued to develop through its dry and sweet wines. Cauhapé owes its renown to the curiosity of Monsieur Ramonteu, who has never been afraid to break codes and shake up preconceived ideas about Jurançon wines by creating new, sometimes improbable cuvées. The high potential of the region’s so-called rare grape varieties - Gros and Petit Manseng, Camaralet, Courbu and Lauzet - makes for harmonious, high-quality blends.


Petit Manseng is the spearhead of Domaine Cauhapé, expressing its full potential in the estate’s sweet wine cuvées. Its thick skin means it can be harvested later in the autumn, providing excellent ripeness. As for Gros Manseng and Courbu, they add finesse and fruitiness to the wines. Cauhapé also makes the most of the region’s forgotten grapes: Camaralet and Lauzet, which ennoble the dry Jurançons, to produce wines that are more authentic and expressive than ever. Henri Ramonteu is an epicurean whose philosophy is based on the phrase: "To listen to nature is to engage in a dialogue...". To this end, the vineyard has undergone a major soil energization program, and the use of phytotherapy has been de rigueur since 2021.


Domaine Cauhapé produces both dry and sweet white wines, appealing to both those with a pronounced sweetness and those who prefer a more classic, fruity style. The Jurançon terroir expresses itself through fruity aromas and distinctive golden hues. Cauhapé produces gourmet wines with finesse and elegance. Discover Geyser, a blend of all the estate’s grape varieties, which fully represents Henri Ramonteu’s philosophy. Great sweet wines such as Ballet d’Octobre and Symphonie de Novembre showcase overripe Petit Maseng, with its truffle notes and astonishing complexity. A true success story!

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