Domaine des Ardoisières Argile White Wine 2022

Domaine des Ardoisières Argile White Wine 2022

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Vineyard : Domaine des Ardoisières

Région Savoie: Vin des Allobroges

White wine - IGP - Vine : chardonnay, jacquère, mondeuses blanche

The sommelier info

It is a perfectly balanced wine where we find notes of fruits, red as white. The mouth is structured, spiced with an ample and powerful finale.

This wine is served with

A servir entre 10 et 12°c. A savourer sur des produits de la mer (poissons, crustacés) évolués, ne pas hésiter à marier ce vin avec des plats complexes.

Domaine des Ardoisières Argile White Wine 2022 in details

75 cl
IGP Vin des Allobroges
Garde 5 ans
12,5 °
Jacquère, Chardonnay, Mondeuse blanche
Belle Vivacité
Longueur Saline

The domain

Domaine des Ardoisières is a small Savoy wine estate that has built its reputation on the exceptional wines produced by Michel Grisard and Pierre Omont. Les Ardoisières vineyards are planted biodynamically on the hillside.


Domaine des Ardoisières was created in 1997 and is located in Fréterive, not far from Chambéry. It all began in the Allobroges region of Savoy. In 1998, there was nothing and the first 20 hectares of Altesse were planted. Major work was then carried out to create the Ardoisières vineyard as it exists today. 2002 finally saw the first harvest, and the following year Michel Grisard, a leading Savoy winemaker, met Brice Omont. These two winemakers formed a partnership in 2005 to combine their respective skills and desires to produce the wines of Domaine des Ardoisieres. In the winter of 2008/2009, they rented vines at St Pierre de Soucy, as part of the process of expanding the estate. Since 2010, Brice Omont has been the majority manager of the estate, along with a dozen non-farming partners, and Michel Grisard has taken a well-deserved retirement.


The Domaine des Ardoisieres is playing a full part in revitalising the Savoyard vineyards, which are often planted on hillside slopes at altitude and give pride of place to indigenous grape varieties. The vineyards are planted on the Coteau de Cevins and the Coteau de St Pierre de Soucy. To top it all off, the wine estate is run biodynamically. The vines are worked on horseback and around twenty hectares are cultivated to give a new lease of life to some of Savoy’s sometimes forgotten grape varieties: Persan, Altesse and Mondeuse White, for example. Yields are very low at Les Ardoisieres, with the emphasis on quality rather than quantity. Domaine les Ardoisieres works on a "complantation" basis, with the grape varieties then blended together. Listening to and respecting the terroir are deeply rooted in the estate’s philosophy.


The Domaine des Ardoisieres produces 6 cuvées, four whites and two reds. The grapes are harvested by hand, not destemmed, and now go through a state-of-the-art wine press that the estate acquired in 2010. Haute-couture wines! Argile Red and White is an example of precision and purity, while the extraordinary Ardoisieres Quartz puts Altesse centre stage. The estate has made a name for itself outside Savoie and mainland France for its top-quality white wines, but its reds are well worth a visit. Améthyste, a blend of Mondeuse Noire and Persan, is a must-taste UFO. We finish with the Maison des Ardoisières cuvée Silice White, which brings out the best in Jacquère, and Schiste, an exceptional blend of magnificent white Savoyard grape varieties.

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