Whisky Français Maison Benjamin Kuentz Aveux Gourmands
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Whisky Maison Benjamin Kuentz Aveux Gourmands

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Aveux Gourmands is a French whisky that is greedy and slightly wooded, thanks to its refinement in ex-tasks of wine from the Château de Rayne Vigneau. “I wanted a whiskey crunchy like a candy, melting like the very good caramels of my childhood, those who didn't stick to the teeth and whose taste, succulent, left me too fast” — Benjamin Kuentz

The sommelier info

This French whisky from Maison Benjamin Kuentz has a pale nose, grilled hazelnuts, cooked fruits and honey. A tasty blend that becomes even more succulent on the palate with the aromas of coconut, salted butter caramel, almonds and pineapple. The finish is barely saline and evokes Breton spirits, a beautiful balance with always this rather marked touch of honey.
We understand why French spirits have so much success!

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This French whisky Aveux Gourmands from Maison Benjamin Kuentz is ideal to taste as an aperitif or digestive. It can be tasted fresh or with a little water and in a tulip glass or a wine glass if you wish.

Whisky Maison Benjamin Kuentz Aveux Gourmands in details

50 cl
Garde 15 ans
Belle Vivacité
Boisé très fin
Fruits exotiques
Notes beurrées

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