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Château Combel La Serre Cahors rouge 2018

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Combel La Serre Julien Ilbert

This wine is served with

A servir à 17-18°c et à carafer 1/2h avant dégustation. Idéal sur de la viande rouge et sur la viande blanche.

The domain

The Château Combel La Serre is a family property situated in 15 kilometers from Cahors on the hillsides of Cournou and Rassiels. In 1998 Jean-Pierre and Julien llbert decided to leave the cooperative cellar of Cahors to become wine growers récoltants. The vineyard of the Castle Combel La Serre counts 26 hectares of vineyards in organic conversion since 2013.
The Castle Combel La Serre possesses a wine storehouse of wine making built in 2001 as well as a wine storehouse with barrels in 2002. Wines of the Château Combel La Serre possesses an attractive explosive fruit and a rare elegance in this vineyard. Of excellent values for money to be discovered!