Domaine Jean François Quenard Mondeuse Elisa Savoie Red wine 2019

Domaine Jean François Quenard Mondeuse Elisa Savoie Red wine 2019
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Jean-François Quenard Mondeuse Elisa

Cépage: 100% Mondeuse

  • Savoie Rouge - AOC - 2019
  • Clos Maïa
  • Grapes 100% mondeuse
  • Domaine: Domaine Jean-François Quenard
  • 12,5 °
  • Garde 10 ans
  • 75 cl
  • Epicé, Croquant, Belle finesse

The sommelier Info

Jean-François Quenard Mondeuse Elisa red wine is a complexe and powerful wine where the delicacy of the raising and the typicity of the vine are mixted.

This wine is served with

Domaine Quenard Mondeuse Elisa is served between 15 and 16°c. It is perfect with raclette, sausages or cheese of Savoie.


In a wine area where there are many Quénard families, first names are very important.

The family domaine of Jean-Pierre and Jean-François, handed down from father to son since 1644, is located in the upper part of the commune, at the foot of the famous « Towers of Chignin », whose origins remain shrouded in mystery.

There is a spiritual dimension in growing vines.  One studies at the school of humility.  We are tied to the soil and dependent on what nature gives, frost, hail….We are simply those who pass through, but the land carries on from generation to generation.

Each parcel is vinified separately, like giving birth to a baby.  From grape to wine.

Jean-François, oenologist (wine expert), returned to the family domaine to work alongside his father in 1987, after he had successfully graduated from the University of Dijon, and gained various valuable experience in other areas:  notably in Bordeaux at the Grézillac Laboratory, at the Domaine de l’Espiguette near Montpellier, in the United States in the wine areas of California, and with Jules Chauvet, a fundamental meeting at the time and whose philosophy impressed him deeply.  To be « apprenticed » to the uncontested « master of tasting » enabled Jean-François in his turn to be able to share his passion for wine.  Since his return the domaine ha grown from 5 to 15 hectares.

Domaine Jean-François Quenard

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