Hibiki Harmony Blended Japanese Whisky

Hibiki Harmony Blended Japanese Whisky

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This Hibiki Japanese Whisky is available in limited quantities, with a complex nose of lychee, rosemary and sandalwood. The palate is soft and greedy, with reassuring notes of honey and candied orange. The finish leaves us on a subtly woody note. The wow effect is here!

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This great Japanese Whisky Hibiki is a blend of grain and malt whiskies aged in several different casks, notably in Mizunara casks, the famous Japanese oak.

Created in 1989 to celebrate the Suntory distillery's 90th anniversary, Hibiki is a skilful blend of Hakushu and Yamazaki single malts and Chita Blend.

The bottle represents the 24 seasons of the Japanese lunar calendar, a perfect ode to nature. It's easy to see why it's sought-after and appreciated the world over.

Hibiki Harmony Blended Japanese Whisky in details

50 cL
Boisé très fin
Grande complexité

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