Magnum Château Malescasse Haut Médoc Cru Bourgeois Rouge 2016

Magnum Chateau Malescasse Haut Médoc Cru Bourgeois Red Wine

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Domaine : Château Malescasse

Bordeaux Appellation : Haut-Médoc

Cépages: Merlot, Cabernet franc, Cabernet sauvignon, Petit Verdot

  • Médoc et Haut-Médoc Rouge - 2016
  • Clos Maïa
  • Domaine: Malescasse
  • 13 °
  • Garde 15 ans
  • 150 cl

The sommelier Info

This wine is served with

A servir à 16-17°c sur une pizza, un plat de pâtes, une viande et plus généralement avec de la cuisine familiale.


Château Malescasse is created on the heights of the village of Lamarque in 1824 by the family Renouil which develops it and makes build the castle. The Pineguy family buys the property in 1887 and it made crash the best vines of grave situated on the most beautiful croups of the municipality. The renovation of the installations allows to produce a quality wine which is worth to her being classified considered bourgeois superior in 1932.

In 2012, Philippe Austruy purchases Château Malescasse with the will to produce excellent wines and the ambition to raise it among the best of the naming Haut-Médoc.

This man of affair, lover of the wine, undertakes in the revival of the domain, with a quality requirement for this bourgeois vineyard in the high potential. Already owner of the Commanderie of Peyrassol, jewel of wines of Provence, he surrounds itself with specialists and brings a real wine-making know-how. With his teams, he sees again from top to bottom vine growing, wine making and yield to reveal the area of the quality of this country of Bordeaux.

Château Malescasse

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