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Rhum Bumbu XO

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This Bumbu XO rum comes straight from Panama, a Central American country known for its superb distilleries! Do you know the origin of the name Bumbu? Bumbu rum bottles owe their name to a tradition dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries: sailors crisscrossed the Antillean Sea and added spices and herbs to their rums, these drinks were called “bumbus”.

We tell you everything about the manufacturing process of this superb Bumbu XO rum: after being distilled in stills, this elixir was aged for about fifteen years in American Bourbon barrels. There is a finish in white oak barrels previously used for Sherry, great wines of Andalusia.

This brings caramelised and woody flavours to this rum, which vanilla balances on the nose and mouth. A subtle orange zest prolongs the tasting on an enveloping and soft finish. All you have to do is taste this artisan rum of character in good company!

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Bumbu XO is ideal to consume for your high standard aperitifs or digestive, for beautiful moments of conviviality!

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