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Château de Fosse Sèche Saumur Arcane White Wine 2020

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Château de Fosse Sèche White in Saumur is one of the great ones of the appellation. This Arcane vintage in 100% Chenin still provides us with the proof.
Superb regularity, we are a fan of Fosse Sèche and its white Arcane!

Château de Fosse Sèche Saumur Arcane white wine is an elegant wine offering white flowers, citrus fruits and melon aromas. This cuvee is very pure and balanced.

Biodynamic wine

 Organic Wine Organic wine

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Château de Fosse Sèche Saumur Arcane is best served at 11-12°c. It is ideal with pan seared fish with sauce and exotic cuisine.

The domain


The Domaine de Fosse Seche is based on a mainly limestone terroir. The situation of the Fosse Seche vineyard is ideal because it benefits from the wind and freshness of the Brossay plateau as well as the warmth stored by the flint stones found there.


The first remains of the Chateau de Fosse Seche date from the Middle Ages, including wine vats among the oldest in France. It was also in Fosse Sèche in 1905 that Paul Taveau, a winemaker, undertook all new trials in terms of vinification. He created the Cabernet of Anjou and was rewarded for this discovery. Today, Guillaume and Adrien PIRE, two generous and passionate twin brothers, accompanied by their companions, offer us Fosse Sèche identity wines from an exceptional terroir.


Today, Fosse Seche has 45 hectares of one holding: 15 hectares of vines and the remainder dedicated to biodiversity (forests, flowers, hives and birds). The Château de Fosse-Sèche is officially classified among the LPO (Ligue de Protection des Oiseaux). Château Fosse Seche has also been labelled Ecocert and Biodyvin for several years. Another peculiarity of the Château de Fosse Seche is the use of amphores. These are made of clay concrete, which brings more fruity aromas and body without wooding the wines.


Adrien and Guillaume Pire today offer us a white and a red in Saumur appellation of undisputed purity. These wines from Fosse Sèche come from Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon grape varieties for reds and Chenin and Chardonnay for whites with these best known wines Eolithe and Arcane. The red Eolithe cuvée offers a pure expression of the fruit while being tense and concentrated. The cuvée Fosse Seche Arcane white is a wine with a good guarding potential, aromas of honey combine with floral notes making the ensemble both elegant and fleshy.

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