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Château du Breuil Savennières White wine 2019

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Château Du Breuil in appellation Savennières is a concentrate of power, freshness, amplitude, one of the flagships of the appellation! A beautiful interpretation of the Loire Valley Chenin.

Savennières white wine from Château du Breuil is a rather ample, powerful and generous dry white wine, a persistent finish with white flower aromas, all that is appreciated in a great wine from the Loire Valley!

This wine is served with

Château du Breuil Savennières White wine is to be served between 10 and 12 °C, it is delicious from today, but also promised a beautiful future. It will perfectly accompany a roasted cod, a Saint James tartare or a lamb curry!  
But also some creamy cheeses (Langres, Epoisses, Saint Nectaire).

The domain


Château Du Breuil covers 33 hectares and produces superb Anjou wines. Over the years, this property has become emblematic in the Loire Valley thanks to its Chateau du Breuil Coteaux du Layon, its cremants de Loire, as well as its high quality Savennières.


Although viticulture naturally found its place in the Loire Valley since the Middle Ages with the princes of Angevins Plantagenêt, the beginnings of Chateau de Breuil date back to 1882, on the banks of the Layon, a small river near Angers. Domaine du Breuil has been able to take advantage of the regional micro-climate and promotes the life of the soil by reducing the use of inputs. This Château du Breuil, whose quiet harmony of the 19th century monitors the vineyards, houses unexpected treasures.


Château de Breuil produces wines in organic agriculture on the appellations Anjou, Savennières, Coteaux du Layon and Coteaux du Layon Beaulieu, Crémant de Loire and Rosé d’Anjou. The vineyard is mostly located in front of the castle, on a terroir of schists and in south-facing hills. Chateau du Breuil draws its strength from its use of the Angevin climate, which is manifested by oceanic and continental influences depending on the area, as well as very little rain but an intense morning fog followed by sun in the vineyard. This allows the production of great soft and liquorous wines such as Château Breuil Coteaux du Layon.


The wines of Château du Breuil Anjou are renowned for their elegance and aromatic complexity. Indeed, white wines are mostly made from the Chenin grape variety, which offers notes of dried fruits, white flowers, honey and well ripe yellow fruits. The red wines of the Breuil are mainly made from Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon, they express a lot of freshness and flexibility in their youth. There is also a certain potency and aromatic intensity, the tannins remain delicate and melted. In addition, the cuvées of Château de Breuil often have a nice guarding potential.

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