Domaine des Closiers Les Closiers Saumur Champigny Red Wine

Domaine des Closiers Les Closiers Saumur Champigny Red Wine 2021

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Les Closiers is one of the flagship wines of the Domaine, it bears its name but is also one of the most representative of the terroir of Saumur Champigny. Its intense nose of black and red fruits is enhanced by a spicy background. Its fruity mouth blends precision and character. The structure is there but the tannins are melted and supple.

The sommelier info

Domaine des Closiers offers a superb overview of Cabernet Franc and the Loire Valley as several parcels from the Parnay hillsides are included in the blend of this Les Closiers cuvée.

The vinification and maturation are done in stainless steel vats for almost a year, thus the wish to keep the fruity, fresh and greedy character of Saumur Champigny is fulfilled.

This wine is served with

Les Cloisiers Red is best served with turkey or other poultry accompanied by mushrooms, Loire pike served with asparagus and a white wine sauce, for example. Open 1 hour before serving at 15°C.

Domaine des Closiers Les Closiers Saumur Champigny Red Wine 2021 in details

Organic wine
AOP Saumur Champigny
75 cl
Garde 5 ans
13 °
100% Cabernet Franc

The domain

Domaine des Closiers is located in Parnay and produces red wines in the Saumur Champigny appellation and white wines in the Saumur and IGP Val de Loire appellations. The 15 hectares of Domaine Closiers are worked in organic agriculture since the beginning of 2023.


Domaine des Closiers takes its name from the winegrowers who lived in troglodytic places near the hillside and who worked in the vineyards. In 2019, Anatole de la Brosse bought the domain, surrounding himself with renowned professionals: Michel Chevré from Clos de l’Ecotard, who helped him with the vinification and the certification of the domain in organic agriculture and Nady Foucault, former owner of Clos Rougeard, helped him with the breeding. Their common ambition is to make Domaine des Closiers one of the most important wines of the Saumur Champigny appellation, while preserving the pure character of its limestone terroir.


Approximately 95% of the Closiers vineyard is planted with Cabernet Franc, the flagship variety of Saumur Champigny. The Domaine also has a few parcels of Chenin to produce its Saumur appellation wine. The vines are on average 35 years old and are planted on clay-limestone soil. The particularity of the Domaine des Closiers is its parcel-by-parcel approach, which allows a great understanding of its terroirs. The parcels are located on the hillside, around the town of Parnay. The work in the vineyard is also rigorous, although the interventions are always chosen and controlled to perfection. The rows are grassed and the grass is only rolled, while the yields are controlled. Trees and hedges have been planted to develop the surrounding biodiversity and the soil work is also oriented in this direction in order to preserve the microbial life.


Domaine des Closiers produces 3 red wines in the Saumur Champigny appellation and 2 white wines in the Saumur and IGP Val de Loire appellations. In red, the cuvée Les Coudraies is aged in vats only and offers an incomparable fruitiness. Trézellières is rich and elegant at the same time, it is tapped by gravity into Bordeaux barrels and then aged for 2 years. Finally, Les Closiers is fruity and greedy, very representative of the different terroirs of the appellation. The white wines of the Domaine des Closiers are made from Chenin for Allegory and from Chardonnay for Libere. Allegory is an expressive and complex Chenin, very fine like the white wines of the Loire. Libere is an atypical white wine for the region, which offers another dimension to this grape variety often known as a blend for the region. A discovery to be tasted absolutely!

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