Domaine Jean Michel Gerin Condrieu La Loye

Domaine Jean Michel Gerin Condrieu La Loye 2022

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Domaine Gerin Condrieu La Loye 

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The aromas of apricot dominate, then the fat and the subtle flavors of peach take over, finally the balance appears. Beautiful length for this Domain White Jean-Michel Gérin Condrieu La Loye.

BREEDING: 40 % in barrels during 1 year, 60 % in stainless tanks

This wine is served with

Domaine Jean-Michel Gérin Condrieu La Loye should be served 11-13°C for " l’apéritif", white meat and goat cheese

Domaine Jean Michel Gerin Condrieu La Loye 2022 in details

75 cl
Garde 10 ans
13 °
100% Viognier
Belle rondeur

The domain

Domaine Gerin, located in Ampuis, covers about 17 hectares in the appellations Condrieu, Saint-Joseph, Côte Rôtie and even in the IGP Collines Rhodaniennes.


Located in the heart of the Côte-Rotie vineyard, for 6 generations, the Gerin family operates the vineyard where one of the smallest appellations in the Nord Rhône Valley is located. History began in 1983 with the purchase of a plot on the name Cote Rotie. Today, the two sons of the family, Michaël and Alexis Gerin, have joined the Domaine Gerin and take over from their father, who is obviously still present, but decisions, culture and winemaking are now taken in the family.


The Domaine is known and recognised for its majestic Rotie Cote. There are 5 beautiful cuvées on the appellation. Domaine Gerin produces two extremely renowned cuvées in Côte-Rotie appellation: The Grandes Places and La Landonne. In 2003, the cuvée La Viallière made its appearance and in 2018 a new plot of 1987 was distinguished to create the Bodin Coast. The slopes on this appellation range from 40 % to almost 60 % so you can imagine the difficulty of working in the vine. The farms are very well cared for at Jean Michel Gerin and are at least 22 months on the Cote Rotie.


The 2 varieties used at Domaine Gerin are Syrah for Saint Joseph and Cote Rotie and Viognier for the Condrieus.
The Syrah, a king grape variety, is sometimes assembled at the Viognier to bring more finesse to the wines. The Cote Rotie Gerin are among the best but the whites are not left behind with the great Condrieu appellation. The red and white field is a more accessible single-cepage cuvée. Today the Domaine Jean Michel Gerin is in organic conversion.

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