Stéphane Montez Domaine du Monteillet

Stéphane Montez’s Domaine du Monteillet is a beautiful wine estate in the Rhône Valley on 38 hectares (including 17 hectares in one piece) and four appellations: Saint Joseph, Condrieu, Cornas and Côte Rôtie.
The history of the Domaine du Monteillet dates back to the 17th century, when it belonged to the Villard family. From century to century, Montez’s ancestors ended up turning to the work of the vineyard and buying back the plots of the Domaine Monteillet. Since 1997, Stephane Montez has succeeded her father at the helm of the vineyard, but before that, he trained abroad for 2 years in England, South Africa, California and Australia. These experiences allowed him to realize the unique identity and terroir of his lands as well as to acquire many technical skills.
Stephane Montez, a dynamic and modern winemaker, is talking more and more about him with his famous Saint Joseph La Cuvée du Papy from a beautiful plot of old Syrahs. Its Côte Rôtie are generally expressive, elegant and have a beautiful structure related to aging : we think in particular of Fortis and Les Grandes Places. The Domaine du Monteillet produces famous Condrieu with a nice balance between richness and fluidity. It also produces several PGI cuvées with an unbeatable price/quality ratio such as La Syrah à Papa and Les Hauts du Monteillet in red and white.

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