Domaine Antoine Sanzay

Domaine Antoine Sanzay is an area of 11 hectares on Saumur and Saumur Champigny lands, including 4 hectares on the prestigious terroir Les Poyeux. Antoine Sanzay is part of the young generation that is rising and it is well deserved!
After having taken over the vineyard of his grandparents cooperators at the cellar of Saint-Cyr-en-Bourg, Antoine Sanzay begins step by step. For 3 years, all its harvest was given to the cooperative, before actually starting alone by vinifying little by little the vines of Domaine Sanzay. He produced his first vintage on the Saumur Champigny and Saumur appellations in 2002 and keeps an amazing fruit expression in its wines which is quite impressive. Its whites are thus established among the best Saumurois chenins, with the advices of Nady Foucault from Clos Rougeart.
Domaine Antoine Sanzay practices organic farming since 2014, his philosophy is: "Respect the raw material, work with time, so that the year is in the bottle, without artifice." The winemaking is therefore done without inputs with the least possible intervention and no weed killer is used by Antoine Sanzay. Antoine Sanzay is humble and frank like his Cabernet and we can feel it in his multiple vintages: his famous one Les Poyeux is a vintage of racy guard and possessing a beautiful length; Les Salles Martin, a Saumur white which possesses tension and a nice structure. Les Terres Rouges complete the range as well as La Haye Dampierre, both showing a nice mastication. Finally, the vintage Domaine Sanzay is an unbeatable value for money, fruity and ample on the palate.

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