Ermitage du Pic Saint Loup

Domaine de l’Heritage du Pic Saint Loup, formerly known as l’Ermitage du Pic, covers around forty hectares and is located at the foot of the Pic Saint Loup.

Heritage du Pic Saint Loup, a family story

In 1992, Jean-Marc, Pierre and Xavier Ravaille took over the family land and turned it into a renowned estate under the Pic Saint Loup appellation. The Ravaille brothers have raised the Heritage Pic Saint Loup wine estate to the top of the appellation. They have succeeded in reviving a major winegrowing estate on land that was long given over to livestock farming, olive growing and high-yield vineyards. The three fish in the family coat of arms recall their legend as a nod to these three brothers.

The philosophy of Domaine Heritage Pic Saint Loup

Domaine’s philosophy is the expression of this magnificent Pic Saint Loup terroir. A terroir made up of several soils: clay-limestone, red earth, gravel and pebbles. This terroir is enhanced by the unique climate of the Pic Saint Loup. Today, the vines are farmed organically using Biodynamic methods. No pesticides are used and the grapes are harvested by hand. The 3 brothers are obsessed with producing wines that express their terroir.

The Heritage du Pic Saint Loup vintages

The red wines are divided into 3 cuvées, Tour de Pierre, Sainte Agnes and the all-too rare Guilhem Gaucelm. The cuvée Ermitage du Pic Saint Loup Sainte Agnès White is greedy with a beautiful minerality. The wines are precise and well-balanced, and the Domaine de l’Heritage du Pic Saint Loup is one of the great names in this magnificent Pic Saint Loup appellation.

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