Henri Milan Papillon White wine

Henri Milan Papillon White wine sans souffre ajouté 2022

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Papillon White by Henri Milan is the very best expression of lightness and balance. The supple and unctuous texture of this wine is as surprising as it is tasty, just like its blend of 4 grape varieties including Chenin and Chardonnay: quite atypical in Provence.

The sommelier info

You will love the greedy notes of apricot and peach of the Papillon White Wine. Airy, lively and with a slightly mineral finish, Henri Milan wanted to create a festive white wine with simplicity. We can say that the bet is kept!

Papillon White is, like all the Papillon range of Henri Milan, without added sulphur and the vineyard is managed in organic and biodynamic agriculture. The wine is aged in old barrels, but not filtered or fined.

This wine is served with

Henri Milan Papillon White can be served with a fillet of bass and its saffron sauce and as an aperitif, between 10 and 12°C.

Henri Milan Papillon White wine sans souffre ajouté 2022 in details

Organic wine
75 cl
Vin de France
3 - 5 ans
12,5 °
Chardonnay, Grenache Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Savignan
Belle Vivacité
Bouche équilibrée
Notes beurrées

The domain


Domaine Henri Milan covers 15 hectares and produce natural wines. The terroir of this wine estate is exceptional and special: blue marls on limestone screes. Henri Milan produces wines without inputs of a rare purity and with impressive conservation potential!


It was in 1973 that the Domaine Milan acquired a winery and new material for the creation of its vintages. Henri Milan, son of Robert Milan, took over the family estate in 1986, which existed since 1956 in the municipality of Saint Rémy de Provence. In 2000 the first Henri Milan wine without metabisulphites or sodium was released. In 2007, Henri Milan decided to volunteer the A.O.C Baux de Provence. The Millésime 2006 will be the last year in A.O.C. All wines will then be produced in Table Wine, and from 2009 onwards in French Wine. In 2011, the plantations at Domaine Henri Milan ended.


The meeting with Claude Bourguignon was also decisive in the philosophy of Domaine Henri Milan to rely on soil life and organic farming pushed to the extreme as well as biodynamics. According to Henri Milan, "The essential condition is organic cultivation. It is also the harmony created by a biodynamic practice in the mind. The simple influences of the moon on the rhythms of the seas, women and men are evident. It is therefore a matter of balance at Domaine Milan because purity alone does not always guarantee great Milan wine.


Henri Milan offers white and red wines, which are distinguished by their finesse and freshness. The Grand Blanc, a blend of white Grenache, Roussanne and Rolle as well as Le Clos Milan are part of the Baux de Provence’s great wines! The master word of the wine estate is respect for wine and vine and this is felt in its vinified wines without suffering. Henri Milan’s pronounced taste for originality as well as his know-how allowed the development of complex, harmonious and fine cuvées. Henri Milan’s bias towards wines without inputs is attracting more and more people.

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