Mas Bruguière L'Arbouse Pic Saint Loup

Mas Bruguière L'Arbouse Red wine 2022

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Mas Bruguière L'Arbouse is a very aromatic red wine with tender tannins.

The sommelier info

Mas Bruguière is a safe bet of the soil of the Pic Saint Loup for several years. L'Arbouse is a ripe and fruity wine, with a beautiful greed and of the curvature. Endowed with tender tannins and of a good freshness, this Mas Bruguière is a safe bet of the soil of the Pic Saint Loup for several years.

Organic wine

This wine is served with

Mas Bruguière Coteaux du Languedoc Pic Saint Loup L’Arbouse red wine is ideal with grilled meat, poultry, sausages, rabbit, duck..

Mas Bruguière L'Arbouse Red wine 2022 in details

Organic wine
75 cl
Garde 10 ans
13,5 °
55% Syrah, 45% Grenache
Bouche équilibrée
Tannins fondus et soyeux

The domain


Mas Bruguiere has been a family estate for 7 generations. Located in Languedoc, nestled between 2 valleys, Pic Saint Loup and Hortus, Mas Bruguière is operated by the Bruguière family.


The history of Mas Bruguiere began after the French Revolution, parcels of vines were acquired but phylloxera and frosts prevailed over their passage. In 1974, Xavier’s father Guilhem Bruguière took over the estate, rubbed and replanted traditional grape varieties in order to give a new, more qualitative orientation to the family farm. In 1986, he vinified his first cuvée under the status of independent winemaker, who marked the beginning of a success story. After an experiment at Faugères, Xavier Bruguière has now returned to the orders of the family farm, supported by his wife Marjorie. Both continue the tradition and work hard to showcase the unique terroirs of Pic Saint Wolf.


Mas Bruguiere consists of a dozen hectares of vines grown in organic farming and separated into two islands. The first island on a soil of deep scree welcomes Grenache and Mourvèdre, the earliest grape varieties. The second, it is based on a clay-marneux terroir and hosts old Syrah, planted since 1980, which give more depth to Mas Bruguiere wines. Mas Bruguière went to organic farming and its credo is as follows: “the wines affirm a true identity Pic Saint Wolf and a personality specific to the estate. The master words are fruit, freshness and finesse”.


The wines of Mas Bruguière have a true identity of the fabulous terroir of Pic Saint Loup. The wine estate produces 3 cuvées: 2 red in appellation Pic Saint Loup and 1 white in appellation Languedoc. The white, Les Muriers, a fresh and aromatic blend of Vermentino, Marsanne and Roussanne. The red, L’Arbouse is a crunchy wine, round in the mouth and intense ready to drink as soon as it comes out, while Mas Bruguière La Grenadière, powerful, complex and suave, must expect a little longer in the cellar.

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