Whisky Maison Benjamin Kuentz (D’un) verre printanier

Whisky Maison Benjamin Kuentz (D’un) verre printanier

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With (D'un) verre printanier, Benjamin Kuentz offers a new take on Whisky. He wanted to create a refreshing whisky that could be enjoyed even in summer.

The nose is floral and fruity, with hints of pear, fresh herbs and spices. On the palate, the attack is supple and crisp. There's pear, then mirabelle plum and a touch of herbaceousness. On the finish, the tension is palpable.

The sommelier info

(D'un) verre printanier has aged for 5 to 7 years in ex-Cognac and ex-Bourbon casks. Surprisingly light and supple, it brings a breath of fresh air, like the arrival of spring we've been waiting for all winter.

White fruit and mirabelle plum dominate this fresh, gourmet aromatic framework. The final bouquet is finely spiced and malty, a real delight.

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This French whisky (D’un) verre printanier from Maison Benjamin Kuentz is ideal to taste as an aperitif or digestive. It can be tasted fresh or with a little water and in a tulip glass or a wine glass, if you wish.

Whisky Maison Benjamin Kuentz (D’un) verre printanier in details

50 cl
Garde 15 ans

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