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Clos Cibonne Rose wine Tradition Tibouren Cru Classe Côtes de Provence 2019

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Clos Cibonne Titouren grapes is the oldest grape variety of Provence,a very authentic wine!

After a 12-18-months maturation in oak barrels, the Tibouren Clos Cibonne has  salmon color, slightly orange. The warming nose develops sweet spicies notes. The mouth is surprisingly mineral.

This wine is served with

Clos Cibonne rose tradition Tibouren perfect with a Bouillabaisse un aïoli or a Lamb curry!

The domain

Domaine Clos Cibonne is located by the sea between Nice and Marseille. Cibonne vineyard of 15 hectares is located in the Pradet and benefits from the influence of the sea spray of the Mediterranean coast.
The name Clos Cibonne refers to Jean Baptiste de Cibon, the former owner of the vineyard and was also captain of the Royal Navy of Louis XVI. After his death, the Roux family bought Clos Cibonne in 1797. It was not until much later, in the 1930s, that André Roux decided to devote himself fully to the cultivation of the vine. He then had the idea of planting Tibouren, an old Provençal grape almost forgotten for the time. Today, children and grandchildren perpetuate the tradition and continue to make the Clos Cibonne Tibouren famous.
Since 1930, Domaine Clos Cibonne has been producing two historic vintages: Clos Cibonne rosé and Clos Cibonne Tradition red. Both are composed of 90% Tibouren and 10% Grenache. The Tibouren is an old and noble grape variety but also delicate to grow because it requires special climatic and terroir conditions. It flourishes completely on the shale plots of Clos Cibonne due to the sunshine and the direct maritime influence found there. The blends are completed with Grenache, Syrah or Cinsault.

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