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Alzipratu Pumonte Corse Calvi white wine 2021

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Domaine d Alzipratu Pumonte  100% vermentinu. White peach and citrus, medium body and fresh, we love it!

Pumonte white wine, hurry up there only a very few of them !

Once again Pierre Acquaviva impress us with a great wine with modernity and a real sens of terroir.

This wine is served with

Alzipratu Pumonte white wine is best served at 10°c and will perfectly match any mediteranean fishes.

The domain

Domaine Alzipratu is located in the north-west of Corsica, in Balagne, near Calvi. The vineyard benefits from a climatic influence coming from the sea but also from the mountain, moreover from Monte Grossu (culminating point 1950 meters). Alzipratu became a leader in Balagne, mainly thanks to its balanced wines.
Alzipratu was created in the 1960s by Baron Henry Louis de La Grange, owner of the Alzipratu convent at the time. Maurice Acquaviva also led the Domaine from 1992, before being taken over by his son, Pierre Acquaviva and his wife Cécilia.
The different grapes are for the most part typically Corsican. Selected for their distinctive features, they contribute to the famous Alzipratu wines' production. In recent years, the Domaine of Alzipratu’s reputation has grown and it is now one of the most qualitative Corsican vineyardPierre Acquaviva produces wines with a lot of finesse and minerality, creating wines in appellation Vin Corse Calvi.

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