Château de Pitray Red Wine

Château de Pitray Red Wine 2020

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Château de Pitray Red Wine 2020 in details

75 cl
Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux
Garde 10 ans
14,5 °
Merlot Cabernet Franc
Bouche équilibrée
Grande complexité
Tannins fondus et soyeux

The domain

Chateau de Pitray has a property of about a hundred hectares, a third is dedicated to the forest, another to the meadow and the last one of course to the vines. Pitray is a magnificent Bordeaux estate located in Gardegan, near Saint-Emilion.


Chateau Pitray was built in the 14th century, although the presence of a dolmen on the property attests to a human or animal presence dating back to prehistoric times. It all began in 1466 when Jehan de La Symas, called Simard, bought a parcel of vines in Saint-Emilion. Pitray is thus considered as one of the oldest properties in the Bordeaux region. In the 1960s, everything was modernized and new horizons opened up abroad with the interest of the United States and Great Britain in Bordeaux wines. The descendants then took over and bought barrels to start maturing in 1990. Since 2013, Jean de Boigne also takes care of the 26 hectares of Château Castegens. He is assisted by Nina Mitjavile for the vinification of Château Pitray wines.


The vineyard of Chateau Pitray is located on a clay-limestone plateau of a single block, these 36 hectares of vines produce mostly Merlot but also Cabernet Franc and a little bit of Malbec. On average, the vines are 30 years old, which allows for more concentration and depth. To preserve them, no herbicides are used and the laissez-faire policy allows the vineyard to self-manage. The wines of Pitray are aged in vats when the objective is greediness and in barrels for a year to a year and a half when the structure and finesse of the cuvée are to be emphasized. The wines of Chateau Pitray are also all bottled at the property.


Chateau Pitray has been in the same family for 600 years and producing terroir wines has always been a goal. Jean de Boigne and Nina Mitjavile produce wines in the Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux appellation that are very flattering, greedy, round in the mouth and with a delicate touch. First of all, Château de Pitray, a wine with supple tannins and intense fruit. The maturity is there and the balance of the maturation is extremely well controlled. The cuvée Les Prairies is a Bordeaux wine with aromas of small acid fruits, the tannins are also present but with a patina. On this wine too, the ageing really enhances the expression of the fruit by giving it relief and depth. We really like these Pitray wines, which offer another interpretation of the Bordeaux terroirs.

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