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Domaine Gentile Patrimonio Grande Expression Red wine 2014

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Domaine Gentile Corse Patrimonio Red wine distinguishes itself : Tanic, alcoholic, bold, fleshy, balanced and powerful. 

The vine from which it is composed, Nielluccio gives it a very specific personnality.


Organic wine Organic wine

This wine is served with

This Domaine Gentile Corse Patrimonio Red is carafed 1 hour before being served at 17-18°c. with red meat.

The domain

Son of wine grower, Dominique Gentile created, in 1970, Domaine Gentile thanks to his passion and to his will to make a success. In his vineyard, he allies values, traditions, ambitions and love of the work while looking for constantly the perfection. He also defends the quality allied to the defense of the tradition and the typicality of the Corsican vines and his soil. These Corsican wines Domaine Gentile are recognized by the national but also international level today. By working for the environmental protection, these wines are organically-certified.
The work of Jean Paul Gentile can be summarized in five words: health, environment, identity, tradition and respect. In his vineyard, he combines values, ambitions and love of work while continually seeking perfection. Indeed, at Domaine Gentile the harvest is carried out manually, no chemical fertilizer is used and yields are limited. Jean Paul Gentile also defends the typicity of the Corsican grape varieties and its terroir. By working for the respect of the environment, its wines of Domaine Gentile Patrimonio are today labeled organic.