Domaine Lafran Veyrolles Bandol Red Wine 2015

Domaine Lafran Veyrolles Bandol Red Wine
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With this red wine, Lafran Veyrolles offers us one of the best wine of Bandol.
You can smell and taste the notes of blackberries or blackcurrant.

Provence Appellation : Bandol

  • Bandol Rouge - AOC - 2015
  • Grapes 70 % Mourvèdre 10 % Grenache 10 % Cinsault 10 % vieux Carignan
  • Domaine: Domaine Lafran Veyrolles
  • 13,5 °
  • Garde 20 ans et +
  • 75 cl
  • Bouche équilibrée, Epicé, Charnu, Structuré

The sommelier Info

Lafran Veyrolles bandol red wine... Its purplish colour which announces black surmuris fruits, its nose of blackberries, blackcurrant and its finale in licorice, crystallized mouth, makes its clear a beautiful persistent sensation of plenitude.

This wine is served with

This red wine by the Domaine Safran Veyrolles at Bandol will be perfect with spicy meat and bushmeat.  vin charpenté qui s'accommodera parfaitement de gibier, de viandes relevées et épicées. Served at 16°c ...


The Domain Lafran Veyrolles, situated to the Cadière d'Azur, is classified in the area AOC Bandol. Wine Lafran Veyrolles is one of first ones of naming Bandol. It is today, the Ferec-Jouve family which exploits the vineyard of 10 ha. Wines of the domain are wines stemming from the reasoned culture. The Domain Lafran Veyrolles produces 10 % of whites, 40 % of rosés and 50 % of red today which are the Lords of the vineyard, with two different vintages: the vintage Tradition and the Special vintage.

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