Clos Culombu Storia Di Ecce Fructus

Clos Culombu Storia Di Ecce Fructus Rouge Corsican Red wine 2022

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Clos Culombu Storia Di Ecce Fructus Corsican is so elegant !

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Clos Culombu red wine is best served around 18°c and will perfectly match grilled steacks and of course corsican dishes...

Clos Culombu Storia Di Ecce Fructus Rouge Corsican Red wine 2022 in details

Organic wine
75 cl
Vin de France
Garde 15 ans
14 °
100 % Vermentinu

The domain

Clos Culombu is located in the municipalities of Lumio and Montegrosso in the heart of the Balagne area, on the Calvi side in Corsica. Culombu Wine became known quickly and is now a must for Calvi Wines due to its quality and environmental commitment.

Culombu, family history

The story of Clos Culombu began in 1973 with the Suzzoni family. In 1986 the son Etienne took over the wine estate to extend its area to 64 ha of vines and 12 ha of olive trees. More recently in 2016, it was Paul-Antoine the son of Etienne Suzzoni who vinified the 40th vintage of Clos Culombu. This vineyard, in organic farming, has been managed for over thirty years by the Suzzoni Family. Clos Columbu begins its conversion into biodynamics.

Corsican grapes from Clos Colombu

The iconic grape varieties of this AOC Wine from Corse Calvi are represented: Nielluccio, Sciaccarello, Vermentino, Grenache and Cinsault. Etienne Suzzoni makes it a point of honor to reintroduce old native grape varieties such as Minustello and Carcajolo Nero for reds as well as Morescone and Bianco Gentile for whites. Domaine Culombu has become the reference in Calvi Wine. And for the little story, the Culombu is a tube-shaped shell once used by the shepherds to call themselves from one hill to another...

The Corse Calvi Wine of Clos Culombu

The Culombu Wine range is quite important with the three colours rosé, red and white. The different ranges represent the diversity of terroirs and grape varieties of Clos Colombu. We offer several cuvées of Clos Culombu: Tribbiera cuvée, Clos Culombu cuvée, Storia di cuvée and Ribbe Rosse cuvée, to be tasted urgently.


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