Clos Maïa Le Petit Clos red wine

Clos Maïa Le Petit Clos Red Wine 2021

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Géraldine Laval Clos Maia with Le Petit Clos Maïa managed to create a supple, gourmet wine with a nice freshness. The main objective is to structure the soil and promote biodiversity through cultivation without chemicals, pesticides and insecticides.

The sommelier info

Petit Clos Maia is still as much a "basket of fresh fruit". We feast and we want more. The Grenache in all its splendor on finesse and balance, thanks to a one year aging in concrete tank. The finish is somewhat biting to the pure tasting but will soften on a dish.
An incredible value for money in the Languedoc region!

This wine is served with

Petit Clos Maïa needs to be served at 17-18°c and is perfect with a grilled rack of lamb, or a cheese platter.

Clos Maïa Le Petit Clos Red Wine 2021 in details

75 cl
IGP Pays d'Hérault
Garde 5 ans
13,5 °
1/3 grenache, 1/3 carignan, 1/3 syrah
Belle rondeur

The domain

Clos Maïa is part of the new wave of talented winemakers from Languedoc. In only 4 harvests, the Clos Maia estate of 5 ha already rotates the heads by presenting a range of wines without false notes and qualitatively already sitting.


Géraldine Laval, a talented winemaker, took over in 2009 some parcels of vines of altitude (350 to 400 m) in Les Terrasses du Larzac in order to create Clos Maia. It is after a remarkable passage at Olivier Leflaive and Jean-Louis Chave that she falls in love with the exceptional terroir of Clos Maïa, thanks to her friends at the Pas de l’Escalette. Géraldine Laval has been able to surround herself with the best, such as Olivier Jullien of the famous Mas Jullien supports her and orients her in his choices. This allows Clos Maia to be one of Languedoc’s references.


The vineyards of Clos Maïa are mostly located on the limestone, schistose and clay soils of the Terrasses du Larzac in the commune of Lauroux where Géraldine grows the Grenache, Carignan, Syrah, Cinsault, Terret and Chenin grape varieties. Lilian Bérillon one of the best current nurseries provides him with quality plant material, then passion and work take over at Clos Maïa. The vineyard of Clos Maia is worked rigorously and without chemicals, in order to complete its conversion into organic farming.


With her Clos Maïa, Géraldine Laval now enters the very narrow circle of Languedocian divas. From wine lovers of all kinds, from the well-informed amateur to the most blasé professional, the range of wines offered (in red the Clos Maia en Terrasses du Larzac and Petit Clos Maia in IGP Hérault and a white Clos Maïa) is of very high quality, all in balance and precision. Géraldine Laval offers elegant wines on a Southern terroir. A domain to be followed very closely...

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