Clos Venturi Altare Red Wine

Clos Venturi Altare Red Wine 2022

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Altare Red is a 100% Sciaccarellu of exception since only a thousand bottles are produced. The nose is very fruity, cherry and strawberry are good friends with a slight woody note. The mouth is equally charming and perfumed, the tannins are round and quite melted. An impressive ageing potential is revealed, as is its balance between aromatic power and sweetness.

The sommelier info

Altare means "altar" in Corsica, indeed this terraced plot is located at about 480m of altitude at the highest point. The soils are a mixture of sandstone, granite and sand, oriented North-West, which offers a really interesting complexity in this wine, we detect a touch of spice and minerality linked to the diversified terroir of Clos Venturi.

Fermentation takes place in 12 hectoliter tuns and then maturation lasts 14 to 18 months in tuns as well. The wine is neither fined nor filtered.

This wine is served with

Altare Red Wine is best served with lamb stew, roast deer or sautéed veal with seasonal vegetables. Serve at 15°C after airing for at least 30 minutes.

Clos Venturi Altare Red Wine 2022 in details

Organic wine
75 cl
Garde 10 ans
13 °
100% Sciaccarellu
Grande complexité
Tannins fondus et soyeux

The domain

Clos Venturi was born in 1901 under the impetus of Jean Vico and was taken over in 1989 by the Acquaviva Venturi family who since then completely restructured and modernised it.


The wines of Clos Venturi come from the most beautiful plots of Domaine Vico in Ponte Leccia. It was in 2005 that the best terroirs of Domaine Vico were selected by Jean Marc Vico, the father, and Manu Vico, son, with their partner François Acqua to create Clos Venturi. Venturi enjoys a particular and atypical terroir of the mountains of central Corsica which makes the specificity of wines combining freshness and tension. Clos Venturi is a plot of 28 hectares in altitude, located in the municipality of Piedigriggio.


Clos Venturi has continuously progressed to such a level that Cuvée Chiesa Nera graduated from the Platinium Best in Show, the highest award awarded by the Decanter in its 2017 awards. This recent wine estate produces precise wines full of freshness.
Important work on biodynamic cultivation, yeast and replanting of native grape varieties is under way at Clos Venturi. Manu Venturi has been practicing biodynamic viticulture for almost 10 years.


At Venturi, the grape varieties are native, the terroir is exceptional and the ageing sublimes the wines. Cuvée 1769 red and rosé white Corsican wine is characterised by a very crunchy and juicy fruit. The Clos Venturi Rosé, White and Red are a more complex and generous. Manu Venturi offers us wines that are more balanced, more lively, magnetic, sometimes enigmatic, sometimes hermetic, sometimes elusive and exclusive...


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