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Domaine Gauby Jasse white wine 2020

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The new cuvée Jasse white wine of Domaine Gauby is a monocépage of Muscat. It's really surprising, to be discovered as soon as possible ! 

 Organic Wine


Domaine Gauby Jasse white wine is slightly tannic, which is very rare for a white wine . The freshness and the balance are still the key word for Lionel Gauby.

This wine is served with

White wine Domain Gauby Jasse can be served with fish,a  cheese platter or even desserts!

The domain

Domaine Gauby

Domain Gauby, situed at 20km northwest from Perpignan in  Languedoc, extends over 85 ha with 45 ha of old vines going up to 120 years. The environment is still very wild, dry and hilly. The culture of the vineyard is made in respect with the nature, without chemicals  using preparations with plants. This work allows wines to be elegant and fresh and to get the best of those beautyfull soils. The various vintages are all biological wines.