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Domaine Perrin Vacqueyras Les Christins Rouge 2018

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Les Christins Vacqueyras Perrin red wine is a beautiful wine of Grenache from the South of the Valley of the Rhône. An impressive aromatic expression, a body extremely structured for a big potential of guard.

Vacqueyras by Perrin Family distinguishes itself by its almost black dress in  purple reflections. The nose is very complex, intense, and deep of roots, gentian, stick of licorice, cypress, peppered rose. The mouth is powerful and very structured, with dense tannins

This wine is served with

This Domaine Perrin Vacqueyras Rouge can suit with a lot of dishes, especially meats.

The domain

La famille Perrin baught some land in te Rhone Valley in 1909 with the famous château de Beaucastel, en Châteauneuf du Pape . The wine is made in  Prébois, in the city of Orange, when most of the vines, 180 acres are around Beaucastel.The most important organic wine maker of the south Rhone Valley.

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