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Domaine Sant Armettu Rosumarinu White wine Corse Sartene 2020

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Rosumarinu, which means Rosemary in Corsica, is a wine of immediate pleasure. It gains in depth and delicacy over time, which allows to appreciate it young or with a little ageing. A nice white of Corsica Sartene to taste absolutely.
Rosumarinu white is a balanced and refined wine, born on hillsides in clay-granitic arenas in Tizzano. This relief brings freshness and finesse to this beautiful wine of Corsica Sartene. It is characterized mainly by its floral notes and its liveliness, especially on the end of the mouth. Successful bet for the Domaine Sant'Armettu!

This wine is served with

This Domaine Sant Armettu Rosumarinu white is served at 8-10°C with seafood and white meats seasoned with tarragon, anise or shallot.

The domain

The vineyard of Sant Armettu has been flourishing for sixty years in the south of Corsica, perfect representative of the Wine of Corsica Sartène appellation. For the record, the name “Sant Armettu” comes from a hermit who had the gift of curing people with plants.
The Domaine Sant Armettu dominates the Gulf of Propriano and the Bay of Tizzano towards the municipality of Olmeto. Old estate of the island of beauty, it was founded by Lucien Seroin, helped by his son Paul. From 1996, Paul and his son Gilles, representative of the 4th generation of winemakers in Sant Armettu, began to bottle directly in the cellars of the estate after prior creation of the winery. Subsequently, Gilles Seroin took over the Domaine Sant Armettu completely with the help of his children Jeanne and Guillaume.
The wines of Sant Armettu have an assertive identity and high quality. Indeed, the endemic grape varieties of the island are very well highlighted and in particular the Sciaccarellu, which has a certain sweetness. The cuvée Rosumarinu red is a gourmet and elegant wine, to drink in its youth while the cuvée Sant Armettu Myrtus red is seductive and full-bodied, velvety texture. The Mino range is a nice price-quality ratio to discover, it is a generous and frank wine in the mouth. Domaine Sant Armettu never ceases to seduce us by the depth and intensity of its wines!

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