Domaine Sant Armettu Myrtus Red wine IGP Ile de Beauté

Domaine Sant Armettu Myrtus Red wine IGP Ile de Beauté 2022

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Sant Armettu Myrtus red wine IGP Ile de Beauté is a wine of character, just like red wines of Corsica: powerful, deep and generous. Another wonder concocted by Gilles Seroin!

The sommelier info

Sant Armettu Myrtus red wine is emblematic of the Corsican terroir and Domaine Sant Armettu, where viticulture has always been responsible, referring to the rhythm of nature to develop great wines.

This blend of Sciaccarellu, Minustellu and Elegante has proved its worth after 12 months of breeding in lightning and half-muids, then 6 months in bottles.

This wine is served with

Sant Armettu Myrtus red wine is served at room temperature and will perfectly accompany a poularde with truffle, risotto with vines or sweetbreads.

Domaine Sant Armettu Myrtus Red wine IGP Ile de Beauté 2022 in details

75 cl
IGP Ile de Beauté
Garde 10 ans
13,5 °
80% Sciaccarellu, 15% Minustellu, 5% Elegante
Profond, Digeste

The domain

The vineyard of Sant Armettu has radiated for sixty years in the South of Corsica, perfect representative of the appellation Vin de Corse Sartène. For the small anecdote, the name "Sant Armettu" comes from a hermit (Estate of the "saint Hermit") who had the gift to cure people thanks to plants.


Domaine Sant Armettu overlooks the gulf of Propriano and the bay of Tizzano towards the town of Olmeto. This old estate on the island of beauty was founded by Lucien Seroin, assisted by his son Paul. In 1996, Paul and his son Gilles, representing the 4th generation of winegrowers in Sant Armettu, began bottling directly in the estate’s cellars after the cellar had been created. Afterwards, Gilles Seroin took over completely the Domaine Sant Armettu with the help of his children Jeanne and Guillaume.


Sant Armettu has a wide variety of native grape varieties, but Gilles Seroin has drawn his inspiration from the Burgundian model for winemaking, thus creating a strong and unique domain imprint. The great vintages of Domaine Sant Armettu are mostly matured in foudres or demi-muids, which allows them to refine their tannic structure while preserving the purest expression of the aromas. Gilles Seroin has quickly become an outstanding winemaker, producing Sant Armettu micro-cellars from ancient Corsican grape varieties.


The wines of Sant Armettu have a strong identity and high quality. Indeed, the endemic grape varieties of the island are very well highlighted and in particular the Sciaccarellu, which has a certain sweetness. The red Rosumarinu is a greedy and elegant wine, to be drunk in its youth while the red Sant Armettu Myrtus is seductive and powerful, with a velvety texture. The Mino range is a nice value for money to discover, it is a generous and frank wine in mouth. Domaine Sant Armettu never ceases to seduce us with the depth and intensity of its wines!


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