Domaine Georges Vernay

The first 6 hectares acquired by the Vernay family have now become 24 hectares shared on the Côte Rôtie, Condrieu and Saint-Joseph appellations. Georges Vernay wine highlights its best plots of Viognier and Syrah, so its prestigious vintages are gradually upgraded in range until being among the best wines in the world. It all began for Domaine Georges Vernay when Francis Vernay created it in the 1940s, in the heart of the Vernon hillside on the Condrieu appellation. Georges Vernay, his son, followed in 1953 and revalorized this exceptional terroir by saving the Viognier, the only grape variety present on the appellation. Since 1996, Christine Vernay has taken over Domaine Vernay thanks to the transfer of family know-how. Today, it continues to create vintages of excellence. It is no surprise that the domain receives 3 stars by the RVF reference guide for the year 2020, a well deserved reward.
Domaine Vernay went into organic farming to ban the use of chemicals in the vineyard. In addition, the application of the soils has allowed to revive the granitic terroir of the Condrieu appellation and to strengthen the saline footprint found in the Vernay wine. Domaine Vernay’s unique signature lies in the extreme finesse combined with the depth and the aerial side of the Condrieu Georges Vernay. Christine Vernay is always looking for perfection and innovation when she works on her new vintages. The Côte Rôtie Georges Vernay The Blonde du Seigneur is elegant and punctuated with floral notes and the IGP Fleurs de Mai is turned towards greed, sweet spices. Finally, the Condrieu Vernay Les Chaillées de l’Enfer express aromas of lychee and a beautiful structure while Coteau de Vernon indulges little by little with delicacy.

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