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Domaine Gramenon was created in 1978 in the Drôme Provençale, more precisely in Montbrison-sur-Lez. Gramenon is located in the foothills of the Pre-Alps, in the northernmost part of the Côtes-du-Rhône appellation, at an altitude of over 300m. It has become a flagship domain of this beautiful appellation!


Domaine Gramenon was originally run by Michèle Aubéry and her husband Philippe Laurent. When he died in 1999, Michèle decided to continue the family business alone and to devote herself totally to the management of the estate and its vineyard. In 2006, one of the three children, Maxime-François, joined the Gramenon operation and is also in charge of the wine-making business. In 2007, Gramenon bought 5.5 additional hectares between Vinsobres and Valréas, which allowed it to expand its range. Currently, Michèle Aubéry has retired and the estate is managed 100% by Maxime-François, who in turn brings his own touch to the wines produced.


Gramenon has an atypical terroir. In the past, the land on the estate was under water, so today it is limestone soil. A plateau was also formed over the centuries, which is why we find an altitude of a few hundred meters and successive layers of sand and clay. The flagship grape variety of Domaine Gramenon is Grenache, which has adapted very well to the climate and terroir and expresses itself with freshness and finesse. Moreover, the estate has many old vines, some of which are 120 years old. It must be said that Gramenon is also distinguished by its desire to cultivate the vine as naturally as possible, since its inception practices are organic and biodynamics has imposed itself in 2010. Finally, the grapes are harvested by hand, after a real work on the ripeness. The wines are matured in vats or in old barrels depending on the range and the time of sale.


You will have understood that at Gramenon "The first idea is the maximum respect of the grape". Most of the cuvées are very low in sulfur, for others no SO2 is added. Domaine Gramenon produces superb Côtes du Rhône, Poignée de Raisins is a fleshy and crisp wine that plunges us directly into fresh fruit aromas but it can also be kept for a few years. A few years of ageing will be welcome for La Sagesse but after a good decanting it will cooperate without worries, the power is there and the pleasure too. La Papesse is a flagship cuvée of Gramenon: it mixes greed, maturity, complexity and finesse, here is a tasty nectar. Finally, L’Emouvante, as its name indicates, leaves no one indifferent. It is a wine that smells good the South, it is at the same time round, warm and rich in mouth.

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