Domaine Guiberteau

Domaine Guiberteau is located in Saint-Just-sur-Dive, near Saumur. Only Cabernet Franc and Chenin are cultivated on this 17 hectare vineyard. The wines of Guiberteau are today known as great references to Saumur.
In 1934, the Guiberteau family settled in the region and later created the estate. Romain Guiberteau, fourth generation of the family, has been in charge since 1996. Over the years, he restructured the vineyard with the acquisition of new plots and the purchase of equipment necessary for winemaking. The Guiberteau wines produced are only in the Saumur appellation and come from soils of deep clay and clay-limestone. They climbed among the great wines of Saumur in a few years, thanks to their strong identity.
The Guiberteau family produces 4 cuvées of Saumur red and 5 cuvées of Saumur white. The Saumur red are fragrant and have a velvety texture like the Les Moulins cuvée. The white wines of Domaine Guiberteau play more on the register of finesse and freshness such as Les Moulins Blanc and Le Clos de Guichaux. The cuvée Brézé white, from a limestone mound, offers a nice balance between power and structure, as well as a nice salt length. We also note subtle notes of roasted and mineral hazelnuts on these Saumur Guiberteau finely chiseled.

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